About The Railway Supply Institute 

The Railway Supply Institute (RSI) is the leading trade association representing a wide array of stakeholders in the rail supply industry. RSI’s membership encompasses over 170 companies, including locomotive & railcar manufacturers and owners, component suppliers, maintenance of way equipment builders, and companies offering communications, signal, and train control technologies as well as advanced technology companies. 

RSI is integral to the advocacy and support of the rail supply industry, focusing on crucial issues such as economic growth, innovation, and safety within the sector. It offers a platform for its members to engage in dialogue with policymakers, helping to shape legislation and regulations that influence the railroad industry. 

A key function of RSI is its Equipment Leasing Committee (ELC), which concentrates on private investment in rail assets. With a substantial investment of $40 billion in the nation’s railcar fleet since 2008, the committee plays a vital role in addressing concerns related to railcar supply, such as the pressing issue of boxcar shortages. 

RSI has been notably active in addressing the challenges in car hire rate reform, advocating for market-driven solutions that would spur investment in the freight car fleet by ensuring fair compensation to equipment owners. It has engaged with regulatory bodies like the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to seek updates to regulations affecting car hire rates, aiming to avoid potential adverse impacts on the national freight car supply. 

RSI’s history of engagement with federal regulatory agencies indicates its commitment to ensuring that the freight car fleet, especially essential boxcars, meets future demand and continues to contribute effectively to America’s infrastructure and economy. The organization emphasizes the need for reforms that would allow for reasonable returns on investment in the face of an aging boxcar fleet and prevent the consolidation of boxcar supply under limited entities. 

Despite the challenges faced by the supply of boxcars, RSI continues to advocate for strategies that would ensure a diverse and economically viable fleet, contributing to the efficiency and growth of the freight rail system in the United States. The institute conveys the collective voice of its members, striving to support an industry that plays a key role in the American economy and facilitates trade across the nation. 

For more information, please visit RSIweb.org.